Natalie Jackson is the founder and owner of The Crafting District, an innovative company that focuses on one’s ability to create unique designs while using multiple creative mediums. The Crafting District is unlike anything else, while providing customers with the best gemstones and beads in the world, customers will also find products to aid them in their crafting journey with quality unmatched. Natalie and her team travel the world selecting the best products with precision and supreme attention to every detail.

Natalie is no stranger to the crafting and creative community. Her passion for design started very early and in 2012 when she followed her dreams and started her first 6 figure company. Through her first company she opened many doors for hundreds of people to explore the world through beaded art and Gemstones. While Natalie creates one of a kind, wearable art pieces she also developed the first muti-lined bead board with inclusive sizes, that gives creatives the ability to create multiple designs at once.

Natalie has a passion for bringing people together and assisting them on their path to accomplishing their creative and business goals. She mentors and provides counsel to countless artisans daily. Her unique ability to create greatness is not only limited to beading and crafts, Natalie also hosts motivational weekly live streams that assist others in building confidence in themselves and further developing their life goals. Through these lives, she connects listeners with resources, business partners and each other.

While thinking of new ways to aid others on their business journey, she developed the idea for the FSJ Bead and Bubbly, an all-inclusive beading and business workshops where creatives can come together, learn, fellowship, and create together in a productive environment. Each year the event has grown and is now one of the most anticipated events in the crafting industry. The Bead and Bubbly is hosted annually by Natalie and her husband, Mr. Jackson, in their beading event center and warehouse located in Atlanta, Georgia. The beading event center and warehouse has over 4000 square feet of space and is equipped to accommodate several different events and workshops.

Natalie is dedicated to empowering others and building a safe community for creatives to learn and thrive. With her natural perseverance and an unmatched ability to lead with honesty and kindness, she has opened doors for many other creators and business owners to follow their dreams.